Differently Smart – the evolution of MoCC Guide Mikayla

By | August 21st, 2017|blog|

“If you took me apart, each bit of me would be a commodity. Each of those things has been made by different people in lots of different places. That’s an awful lot of work isn’t it?” MoCC Guide Mikayla on how she values herself.

The idea of MoCC Guide Mikayla arrived with us in February 2015. A friend of mine had been given a My Friend Cayla doll at a corporate IT event she was working for. ‘I’ve got just the […]

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Re-making the Internet

By | October 10th, 2016|blog|

In May 2016 artist Louise Ashcroft set off a rumour that the internet was going to be re-built from scratch, in the unlikely tech-hub of Exeter. This is what happened next...

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Political LEGO-ing

By | October 14th, 2015|blog|

Here they are. Two LEGO mini figures and their Pilates teacher. Lying on the floor, sitting up. Lying back on the floor, sitting up. Lying back on the floor. Stretching their spines. It’s a GIF. A two frame animation. On a loop. Ad infinitum. It’s a tough class. Relentless. Pilates isn’t like this, is it?

This scene was made at the Museum of Contemporary Commodities’ (MoCC) Free Market in London’s Finsbury Park in July 2015. […]

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MoCC Free Market video

By | September 10th, 2015|blog|

A short video by Andrew Brand documenting our Free Market event 11th-13th July 2015 at Furtherfield Gallery, Finsbury Park, London.

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Prototyping in Finsbury Park

By | June 15th, 2015|blog|

We are in a group meeting trying to figure out what the curatorial policy for MoCC should be. We're amusing ourselves by making different bylines, 'currently curating the downfall of capitalism', 'currently curating Finsbury Park as an anarchist experiment'...

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