Visiting MoCC means becoming a curator and interpreter of contemporary commodity culture and its objects. Sound like too much time and labour? Don’t think you have enough knowledge to do it? MoCC facilitates this process by offering enjoyable activities that require no special expertise to take part in – and you can spend as you time doing them as you like!

MoCC is also a group conversation – because no one can change the world alone. Please add something to our online collection, answer someone elses question and comment on what you find there. If you have trouble finding out more about the commodity you want to submit – ask the MoCC community to help you! There are instructions on how to do this on the page.

We hope that our activities might offer a starting point to shaping a different kind of collective future heritage. Tell your friends about us and ask them to join in too. Take your thoughts and opinions into your daily life activities, and let them influence your behaviour. If you have any questions about anything you find here, or suggestions for new MoCC activities please let us know.


MoCC is an art-geography research project as well as an exhibition. We have used art and social science methods and approaches to purposefully design activities that invite members of the public into conversation with us about our research themes and concerns. We have prototyped our activities at a series of public events. We now use these activities to ask people how they feel and what they think about digital objects and consumer culture. The public contributions we receive adds to knowledge about data, trade, place and value relations. The things we’ve found out and observed will be published in academic journals and other media, and hopefully filter through the wider lives and concerns of MoCC visitors. 

During each event we ask visitors if they would like to contribute to our research and they can decide how much or how little they would like to participate. You don’t have to participate in our research to take part in an event. We observe how visitors interact with the activities we share, the online collection and each other. We ask all visitors their thoughts and opinions.

If you are participating online, we collect basic, anonymous stats from this wordpress site. We look at the things people have submitted and written about, and ask people to fill in questionnaires like this one. We don’t have any algorithmic data surveillance going on – although we do use Google Analytics to feedback visitor stats to our funders and that collects its own data for its own uses. Also any social media that is linked to this site or your internet use will collect its own data from what we’re all doing. If you have any more questions about how we are using the data we collect as part of MoCC please read our terms of use page or contact us.

To experience one of our online activities click on our interactive MoCC Guide Mikayla…