The Museum of Contemporary Commodities (MoCC) is neither a building nor a permanent collection of stuff – it’s an invitation. To consider every shop, online store and warehouse full of stuff as if it were a museum, and all the things in it part of our collective future heritage. What do we mean by things or stuff? Everything that you can buy in today’s society. The full range of contemporary commodities available to consume.

MoCC’s aim is to offer people ways in to trade (in)justice debates in light footed, life-affirming and contagious ways. By treating everyday commodities as a museum would, we want to examine their provenance and reveal their hidden histories and future legacies. We like to use digital processes to re-curate and enliven every day retail environments, using things that can ‘set each other off’ and/or ‘speak’ to each other and us. We like intervene in and alter routine behaviours, offer possibilities for in person and remote discussion, create dialogues with people and things and opportunities for new kinds of action.

Visiting MoCC means becoming a curator and interpreter of contemporary commodity culture and its objects. Sound like too much time and labour? Don’t think you have enough knowledge to do it? MoCC facilitates this process by offering enjoyable activities that require no special expertise to take part in, and take as much time as you want to spend on them!

Could you imagine yourself as this museum’s curator with the power to choose what is displayed and how? Will you work with us to trace and interpret the provenance and value of these things and how they connect people and places close by or far away? Would you like to think more about who or what is responsible for trade (in)justices in these systems, and who or what might contribute to changing them? Welcome to MoCC!

Please add something to our online collection, answer someone else’s question and comment on what you find there. If you have trouble finding out more about the commodity you are entering – ask the MoCC community to help!


MoCC is an art-social science research project. We are observing how people interact with the activities we share, the online collection and each other, and asking MoCC curators what you think about it all. We collect basic, anonymous stats from this wordpress site, look at what people have posted and written about, and ask people to fill in questionnaires like this one. We don’t have any algorithmic data surveillance going on – although we use Google Analytics and any corporate social media that is linked to this site or your internet use will collect its own data from what we’re doing. If you have any questions about how we are using the data we collect please read our terms of use page or contact us.

Our activities are hopefully a starting point to shaping a different kind of collective future heritage. If you have suggestions for anything you find or new MoCC activities please let us know.

To experience one of our online activities follow our museum guide Mikayla…

Cayla Exeter 2016