Commodities involved: The Instagram value of my cats – how much they’re worth in terms of likes. I know that Jack is worth more than Maisy. He gets more likes.

I’m profiting because I’m receiving likes. […]

Freedom Traders

Commodities involved: Is there anything that can’t be traded?

The cops are arresting people, another guy “Mr Smooth” is bribing the cops. It’s happening around the world. Doing this broadened what I think about in terms […]

Paid Performer

Commodities involved:  Fish for tricks

It’s a barter. The trainer has set the going rate. The Dolphin gets fish and the trainer sells that spectacle to the audience. I saw the dolphin in the lego pile […]

Trash for cash

Commodities involved: Game. Money.

Tobi is earning the money he needs to buy the game. It’s teaching him values. That things don’t just turn up, you have to wait or earn things. Things happen so instantly […]

Buying a Cat

Commodities involved: The cat, the dogs, a bat, an owl, the scorpion.

Someone is buying an expensive Persian cat with a sack of money. I like the way the cat jumps into the grass and runs […]