Join anthropologist and Museum Studies researcher Chiara Garbellotto for a group research day into how our relationships with technology in retail spaces make us into shopping cyborgs. Working with tools from anthropology, media studies and visual culture we will observe, discuss and represent the embodied experience of the shopper. Through indoor and outdoors activities we will share our ideas on how our bodies interact with technology whilst shopping and what kind of data we produce and mediate.


(Places are limited to 12 – bookings on a first come first served basis)

Arrive at Furtherfield Commons from 10am for a 10:30 start. Coffee and cake provided.

  • Please bring with you a printed image (photograph/clipping/drawing) of a shopper. It can represent any kind of exchange process and environment.
  • Dress for the weather as we will spend some time out and about in the Finsbury Park area.
  • Please bring a means to take photographs and download the images, laptops are not needed.

Photo credit: Jason Tester Guerilla Futures (Flickr)