Hungry for information or suffering data indigestion? Drop-in to Exeter Library Cafe or Sid’s Cafe, St Sidwell’s Centre on 30th & 31st March to help Autonomous Tech Fetish as they explore how we consume data and how it consumes us. It will be refreshing, different and fun!

Autonomous Tech Fetish are a London based collective of artists, technical tinkerers, and thinkers. They work with playful and critical approaches to digital data and new technologies by working with local communities to make artworks from local environments.

As part of the Museum of Contemporary Commodities Autonomous Tech Fetish will present a series of artworks ­ ‘data dishes’ and ‘cutlery contraptions’ ­ produced from local data as part of a new work called Data Buffet: All You Can Input that will be hosted at FabLab Devon and Exeter Library on 20th and 21st May 2016.

Image GSR sensor gloves by Autonomous Tech Fetish 2016