Devastation by men

Commodities involved: the environment is destroyed (trade away) for pleasure and convenience.

It’s a non-monetary trade. The trade is enabled by insufficient environmental regulations. People prioritising personal pleasure and traffic over the environment profit. It’s a […]

The Human Zoo

Commodities involved: the animals and the hunters and the weapons

Some evil hunters are capturing animals to put into a zoo to make money from people who visit and look at animals in captivity. They are […]

I got a lego set (again)

Commodities involved: Lego. Greek class.

I go to Greek class every week and get pocket money for it. I always buy Lego with my pocket money. The shop keeper profits from me buying the Lego. But […]

Production line

Commodities involved: the standardisation of glassware (in laboratories)

Scientists are making the transition to standardisation. Coming together at a unified research group, using the the same measurements. My grandfather was involved in standardising lab glassware. Standardisation […]