Buying a Cat

Commodities involved: The cat, the dogs, a bat, an owl, the scorpion.

Someone is buying an expensive Persian cat with a sack of money. I like the way the cat jumps into the grass and runs […]

Head Shot

Commodities involved: LEGO heads.

“Moody Megan in the booth is angrily trading heads. I started putting the LEGO together and we had a conversation about the commodification of children in education, then I found the LEGO […]


Commodities involved: oranges, £1 coins, plastic bowls.

“There’s a fruit and veg stall near Finsbury Park. Everything is presented in white plastic bowls. They are all the same size. Each one’s contents cost £1. It’s a simple exchange. […]

GP what?!

Commodities involved: Smartphone, GPS  location and identity/geotag data, Image file of the digital photo, Social media statistics, Generated data from online posting.

Here the man takes a smartphone photo of a chimpanzee in the park and […]