11:00 – 16:00
17th – 19th July 2015
Furtherfield Gallery & Surrounds

Finsbury Park, London


Leave your money at home and use your personal data to buy, sell, or barter for a delicious range of commodity experiences at the MoCC Free Market. Local residents, park visitors, and online participants are invited to share how they value shopping and trading, in the street, and on their devices. In doing so, you’ll be helping us to develop a radical new artwork for exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery in September 2015. Come along to Finsbury Park and find out more.

Entrance is free on production of a MoCC loyalty card, available on arrival.

Watch out for the MoCC Roaming Marketeer to claim your reward vouchers.

This event is part of the research and development process for MoCC produced in partnership with Furtherfield, and  supported by Islington Council, All Change Arts, ESRC and University of Exeter.

List of stalls

Add-to-MoCC-market-sq Add to MoCC
Add your valued commodities to Museum of Contemporary Commodities and help us test out our interaction prototype.Warm up with a Virtual Shopping trip, where you can map and discuss your trade and exchange habits with family, friends and strangers.  Find out detailed information on the provenance, materials and trade-justice issues contained within your chosen commodity through a Live Chat with our expert Commodity Consultants. Upload your commodity to the MoCC database, and help curate MoCC in Finsbury Park.
Edible Landscapes Kitchen and Takeaway
A volunteer-cooked free meal, from the Edible Landscapes
PACT kitchen, near to the Manor House gate. Trade your data for a free delivery of your meal, or organise your own pickup free of charge. www.ediblelandscapeslondon.org.uk (Friday only)
Forebuy – The Scientific MachineDiscover your future through the Forebuy service. We will scientifically predict your next most urgent desire and discover in real time which affordable and amazing product is ready and waiting for you. Stop by and discover unexpected treasures from Finsbury Park surroundings whilst chatting about needs and algorithms.
LEGO-SQ Lego with a Local
Use LEGO re-creations to turn your data and commodity stories into animated gifs, whilst sharing your experiences of local trade and exchange with Finsbury Park locals.
pyp-sq Play Finsbury Park Futures
Visitors and residents are invited to take part in Play Your Place, an open and online game-building project, to draw and design games about the future life of Finsbury Park for the health and prosperity of all…or for total catastrophe. Play Your Place was developed by Ruth Catlow (Furtherfield) and Dr Mary Flanagan (Tiltfactor) and is a free, open artwork and online game-building project to draw, make and play games about the future of our localities. www.playyourplace.co.uk
Scanner Portraits
Ever fancied your having your portrait drawn by a street artist? Go one better with our hacked scanner. A truly individualised datafication process, and a great souvenir of the Free Market! Our hacked scanner was built with advice from artist Nathaniel Stern. The stall is being run by Furtherfield artist in residence Carlos Armendariz and Amelia Suchcika. Read more here.
thick-ear-sq thickear Records Store
Browse the most up-to-date recordings, release your own records and walk away with limited edition thickear art tapes. No need to bring anything except your personal details – thickear Records Store is a one-stop-swap-shop for exploring current models of currency and exchange.thickear Records Store continues thickear’s series of works interrogating contemporary themes of public transaction through participation, performance, installation and sound. These include Ministry of Measurement (2013), a two week performance/installation within the Barbican Centre where members of the public were asked by bureaucratic staff to measure subjective distances before submitting their data back to “The Ministry” and Pink Sheet Method (2014) which sought to investigate economies of data exchange and consider how transaction is employed to create perceived but oblique value. www.thickear.org
what-kind-sq What Kind of shopper are you?
Take a quiz! Match your shopping habits to our detailed guidelines and share your results with your social network.